Pixel LED POI & LEDs light juggling equipment

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Graphic Razor 160 / 1290 USD ( 1168 Euro) only

Graphic Razor 240 / 1890 USD ( 1712 Euro) only

Thanks to the huge sale we have reached dream costs.
The professional equipment is now available for you.
Actually, the shipping is free over the World.

World best LEDpoi

World best LEDpoi


High edge technologies on world of Pixel and Graphic poi


Aratron Technologies deals with the development and with the production of LED light juggling equipment intended mainly for Professional jugglers, who require precise light effects in their performances. A Technologies Pixel Graphicpoi RAZOR are the best products on the worldwide juggling market.

See spinning LED Light equipment for profesional jugglers in our juggling store!!!! Super bright LED equipment punctually with the music and prepare a great choreography equipment for every spinner!!!

Graphic Poi Razor create a show for what your audience was waiting for so long
An exclence of this poi is clearly hidden in a perfect picture drawing. Colours, graphic and animations! Everything is brighter and more shining colours. Thanks for stabilisation is a picture much more readable now. Whatever graphic durinig spinning holds at the same spot. This make a sighting much easier and make for audience much better experience. A picture is more impressive than during life performance, so camera recording as well.

We will not only be selling Pixel graphic Poi but also Pixel RAZOR Staffs. Because we ourselves are using them by our performances, we know what are the needs of a Professional group, in terms of LED toys.

Razor poi


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