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Aratron Technologies deals with the development and with the production of LED light juggling equipment intended mainly for Professional jugglers, who require precise light effects in their performances. A Technologies Pixel Graphicpoi or A1 series are high-quality and unique products on the worldwide juggling market.

See LED Light equipment for profesional jugglers in our juggling store!!!! Super bright LED equipment punctually with the music and prepare a great choreography equipment for every spinner!!!

PIXEL GRAPHICPOIS Professional - or graphic juggling
A Technologies produced for you a unique Pixel Graphicpoi designed for professionals. It is  an incomparable technological achievement in the world of juggling. You can set these poi directly on music with the accuracy of one hundredth of second and there is a possibility to choose from 16 million colours. High light intensity, maximum accuracy, simple and easy manipulation with software and also exact setting of colours makes A Technologies Pixel Graphicpoi unique and not a single imitation can compare with it. Pixel Graphicpoi from A Technologies is the right choice for professionals. 

We will not only be selling Pixel graphic Poi but also Pixel Staffs. Because we ourselves are using them by our performances, we know what are the needs of a Professional group, in terms of LED toys. That is why we are bringing brand new A1 series

A1 series is a set of poi, clubs, staffs and swing clubs. The great advantage of this kit is the flexibility and the possibility of setting the light effects directly to the music which you use for the performances. All the juggling equipment can be turned on at once by clicking once on the remote control. This solution allows absolute synchronization with the music and each peformer also. Attached a link to the video where you can see the synchronization.

A1 series consists of:

A1 poi - Two light separately controled light fields, weight 215 g

A1 Graphic poi - smallest pixel visual poi on the market. only 38 cm long with the resolution of incredible 40 pixels Weight only 180 g

A1 Graphic Staff - 140, or 150 cm long visual staff with resolution 40 pixels and weight 560 g.

A1 staff - staff with two separate light fields on each side of the staff, 516 grams is the weight of the longest version. Length possibilities are 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, and 150 cm

A1 Clubs - two separate light fields, weight 260g

A1 swing clubs with a laser beam. 2 separate light fields + ability to set the laser to the music, weight 150 g.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us. Thank you.

Sincerely, yours

Aratron Technologies Team

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