Pyro Poi

  • Price: 30 € approx. $35.22

Producer: A Technologies

Beautiful and glittering design, easy handling and safety is what makes our Pyro poi unique.

Pyro poi

Poi with beautiful design and sophisticated system of fastening. You no longer need to use tape to attach the pyro effects. They have cool glitter effect, which will add nice effect to your pyroshow. Power stroke allows direct activating of the effect on the stage without using fire. Use the great effect for which you need to press only one switch and the pyro poi is flared. In our shop you will also find a large selection of different pyro effects specially prepared for our Pyro poi or Pyro staff - Sparklers, roman candles, or smoke effects.

There are no batteries attached in the package. It is up to each customer to buy 9V battery of his preference - rechargable (it will pay off when used more frequently) or the classic batteries that can not be charged again. Please pay attention to the environment protection and bring used batteries to the specific stores.

Use Pyro poi and all the pyro technics under the supervision of staff with experience and tests for using pyrotechnics. We highly do not recommend to use home made pyrotechnics. Use pyro effects with EU licence, or tested by us.


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