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A1 poi Dear Fans of A1 poi. In this discusion you can hand over your detections of programming A1 toys, your impressions and codes, which you want to share with others

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Paypal charge

Why payment by Paypal must be charge 100 € ???
Reply Jimmy 20.09.2013 19:00:52

Hello: I have a question.

Toys "A1 Poi (1 pair)" can upload images? so how poi Graphic A1 40?
Reply Raúl Villalobos 04.12.2014 15:22:35

Re: Hello: I have a question.

Dear raul. To the A1 poi is not posible upload pictires. with A1 poi you can set colors and strobo,fade efects. best regards Igor
Reply igor 04.12.2014 15:34:24

pyro poi

hi, i could not find on your site some information about the a1 pyro poi. the led part i understood. the part with the sparklers. how do you refill that? where do you buy the refills? there is no info about that on any of they pyro products you sale.
Reply troy 28.10.2016 02:15:14

Re: pyro poi

Hi dear, Unfortunately, we dont have any pyro patrons in stock at the moment. We are not producer of the pyro patrons. You can find a company which sell this kind of products. The size (awerage) mustnt be more than 26 mm.
Cancel reply Igor 29.10.2016 11:34:24

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