A1 staff

  • Price: 350 € approx. $410.90

Producer: A Technologies

A1 Staff is programmable staff with highly luminous RGB strips and with stylish design. Staffs are designed for everybody, not only for professionals. Activation is made through remote control, which is compatible with A1 series. Amazing and unique solution of these staffs consist in exact prearrangernement for performance. You do not have to depend on the old RGB control. Just choose colour from the 16 million of colours, upload it exactly on 1 hundredth of second and repeat this process untill you create aimed programme. This is a unique weapon in the world of couple juggling and multimedia show. The body of staff is designed in such way, that endings are covered by silicon cover, which soften shakes. You do not have to be afraid of breaking the electronic part after falling on floor!!! A1 staff should be the part of equipment of every Professional or non professionalstaff spinner!!! A1 staff are compatible with A1 series so you can activate Clubs, Poi and Staff at one time !

Technical specifications :

  • 4 x RGB LED light strip
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery (2x2600 mAh)
  • Charging through mini USB port
  • Our software uses the music Timeline for exact setting of the light effects to fit the music
  • 16 million colours
  • Battery staying power up to 4 hours
  • Four independently controlled light fields
  • The body of the tube is made of break resistant polycarbonate
  • Starting by the remote control (1 piece included in the packaging)
  • Synchronisation and compatibility mutual with all products in the series A1
  • A1 staffs are suitable also for technically demanding spinning!!!
  • Possibility to upload two independently programs
  • First program would serve for performance and then you can have second program extra for free time spinning, or for an event, where is no need for choreographies.
  • Supplied size 100cm (39,37inch), 110cm (43,30inch), 120cm (47,24inch), 150 cm (59,05inch)

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