Pyro Staff

  • Price: 100 € approx. $117.40

Producer: A Technologies

Just press a single switch and the staff begin to sparkle sparks and flame. These pyro effects will make the audience scream!

Pyro staff

This pyro staff is suitable for real pyro shows. No more tapes, or activiting with fire. Pyrostaff from A Technologies is ideal for any kind of fire and pyro performance. Easy to handle, great balance and beautiful design are the criteria which the Pyro staff meets

This system is tested on many performances of Duo Aratron Aspis

In Pyro staff there are rechargable batteries integrated in the body of the staff. You can order also inteligent recharger, which turns off after the full charge of the battery and shows the status of the charging.

Use Pyro poi and all the pyro technics under the supervision of staff with experience and tests for using pyrotechnics. We highly do not recommend to use home made pyrotechnics. Use pyro effects with EU licence, or tested by us.


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