A1 Graphic poi 40

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Producer: A Technologies

A1 Graphic poi - smallest Pixel Graphic poi on the market. Only 38 cm long with the resolution of incredible 40 pixels. Weight only 170 g. A 1 Graphic poi are fusion between the Graphic poi and the A1 series. Super strong LED lights, smart software and the ability to synchronize with the A1 toys makes these poi truly exceptional. Currently there is no other poi with such possibilities. A1 Graphic poi is dedicated mostly for groups which use choreography for their performances.

New version of Graphic poi -staff program manager: DOWNLOAD

Our extra bright LED poi have length of 38 cm, weight of 170 g and the resolution of 40 pixels. These features allow perfectly, simply and precisely manipulate with the poi.
The revolutionary technology and distribution of LED lights allows to view the images with small details. A1 Graphic poi is designed in a way that the gaps between the pixel lines disappear and the picture remains full.
Another huge advantage is the flexibility and the possibility of setting the image changes directly to the music with very high precision. For groups with more members there is the synchronization top priority. With A1 series and A1 graphic poi you can start the program with just a single click on the remote control. Simply create the high resolution images, upload them via user friendly software and with one click turn on any amount of A1 Graphic poi, or other A1 series toys.
Our software also allows you to check the battery status, you can try the prepared program even before uploading it to A1 Graphic poi and many many more smart and necessary functions.
A1 Graphic poi and othe A1 series toys will be a valuable companion on your performances.

Technical Specifications:

  • One piece weighs 170 g
  • Length only 38 cm !!!
  • 80 LED diodes (40 on each side)
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery (2600 mAh)
  • Charging through mini USB port or with our Charger
  • Charger included in the packaging
  • Battery staying power approx. one hour and a half – up to 2 hours (depending on how much the colour WHITE is used, it has the most energy consumption)
  • Uploading of images through mini USB port
  • The images will be uploaded through our software – max. 126 images at one time.
  • The editing of images and texts can be made in Photoshop, Gimp or any other software for graphic design.
  • Timing of images and music is precisely set by the music Timeline
  • The body of the tube is made of break resistant polycarbonate
  • Starting by the remote control (1 piece included in the packaging)
  • Synchronisation and compatibility mutual with all products in the series A1

A1 Graphic poi are suitable also for technically demanding spinning!!!

A1 Programator  is now still just for Windows OS, but we are working on a version for Mac OS X, which will be availible soon.


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