A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72

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Producer: A Technologies

A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72, the best in Pixel staff and poi category.This unique and special product is the latest one on field of Pixel staff and poi. Ultra modern technology enable to display pictures in unmatched resolution 72 pixels. With our A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72 you will be special, since you own the best visual light product with maximum resolution and propertiesfor unique show, like your! Buy this A1 Graphic POI DE LUXE online in our e-shop.

Technical Specifications
- 144 LED diodes (72 on each side)
- Rechargeable Lithium battery
- Charging through mini USB port or with our Charger
- Charger included in the packaging
- Battery staying power approx. one hour (depending on how much the colour WHITE is   used, it has the most energy consumption)
- Uploading of images through mini USB port
- The images will be uploaded through our software – max. 8000 images at one     time. Resolution of the images is 72x240

- The editing of images and texts can be made in Photoshop, Gimp or any other software for graphic design.
- Timing of images and music is precisely set by the music Timeline

-  The body of the tube is made of break resistant polycarbonate
- One piece weighs 190 g- length 54cm

- Starting by the remote control (1 piece included in the packaging)

- Synchronisation and compatibility mutual with all products in the series A1

A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72 is the best possible choice for groups, who are looking for hte maximum synchronisation among the performers and simultaneously also synchronisation with music. You activate our unique A1 Graphic Poi by one click on remote control. It doesn´t matter if it is one pair or five, all of them are activated at once and also prepared program will start.

So animations, while the picture is moving from one artist to another you will now handle very and the effet is amazing. Only A Technologies brings this unique device. No other company doesn´t own this principle of activation and starting synchronisation.

A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72 are constructed for displaying any picture in the highest detail and resolution. Wheter or logo, motto or product that all will the audience see in the highest possible resolution for Pixel staff and poi. Our software enable to display 8000 pictures in full resolution 72x240 pixels, so you are not limited by a low memory like it is with other products.

resolution of pixel poi

The basic criteria of choosing in Pixel poi technology is displaying of pixels in a column.

A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72 is able to display unbelievable 72 pixels and that´s why it leads this category.

Unique desing of SMD LED diodes proposed by us and diffusion foil enable smooth transfer of light on the whole body of Graphic Poi De Luxe. Picture is displayed without interuption and reduction of brightness during juggling.

Spectator can concentrate on picture, which is not interupted and displayed in full resolution on the stage. With using of  latest technology of  rendering the picture we eliminated not nice cubic displaying like it is with other products. Logos and texts displayed by our A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72 are beautifully rounded and displayed in detail.

Unseparable part of  quality displaying equipment in the field of Pixel staff and poi technologies is also our unique software. Graphic Poi/Staff programmer is designed to facilitate and simplify the preparation of your program for show as much as possible.

We, as the only ones brings you the possibility of accurate and precise setting of the pictures according to your music used in performance with Timeline in our Graphic Poi/Staff programmer.

Next you can also set brightness intensity of LED diodes, strobo effect, speed of displaying pictures eventually reverse direction of rendering pictures. Steps meter and battery level indicator are commonplace.

graphicpoi programator

A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72 are displaying the battery level with four LED diodes and every 5 minutes reminds you with warning light signal that you left it turned on.

Since 2007 when we made the first Graphic Poi, we  improved our product to the highest possible level. Countless of our performances by the name of Duo Aratron Aspis allowed us to remove all deficiencies and make a unique produkt.

Very low weight and unbreakable construction enables a long spinning without hand fatigue.

The highest resolution

The biggest memory

The best sofware

All of this makes your investment as the possible - investment in A1 Graphic Poi De Luxe 72 is worth and will multiply return to every performer. Not only in financial way, but also in artistic one.

Do not hesitate and buy this A1 Graphic POI DE LUXE online in our e-shop.

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