A1 poi Mini

  • Price: 300 € approx. $352.20

Producer: A Technologies

Unique poi on a market with ability of creative settings with two separately adjustable light zones.

Programmable poi with powerful RGB LED light strips.
Simply select any combinations of 16 million colours and through our software you make your own program precise according your music.
A1 Poi Mini provides a huge scale of using for professional jugglers.
Accurate of balancing and shape of the product provides ability for technical demanding tricks.
A1 Poi Mini are compatible with A1 series from the company A Technologies and so you can activate by remote controller the Clubs, Poi and Staff at one time!!!!

Technical information:
- Powerful RGB LED light stripes
- Rechargeable Lithium battery (2600mAh) – battery staying power up to 2 hours
- Programable and rechargeable through mini USB port
- Our software uses the music Timeline for exact settings of the light effects to fit the music
- Possibility to upload two independently programs into two memories
- Weigh of 200 g
- Length is 14 cm
- The poi is made of break resistant polycarbonate

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