• Price: 200 € approx. $234.80

Producer: AratronTechnologies

The A1 Devil Stick – Perform a great Devil´s show

Touch of the hell
The programmable Devil Stick never leaves the audience emotionless thanks to 3 highly powerful RGB LED light strips divided into 2 individual circles – 2 side ones and a middle one. An option to synchronize light effects with music is as a matter of course of A1 series. Prepare your show for you and your team in a well arranged timeline. Yes, another strength of A1 series is cooperation among all of A1 series products. Let the light show begin by pressing a button on the remote control. - The show the angels would long for.

A1 Devilstick 

One program is not enough?
Prepare 2 programs.
First one is for your main performance, the second one for a free spinning.

A1 Devilstick USB

Technical information
Size – 70 cm
Weight – 400g
Battery endurance – 6 hours
LED strips – 3 powerful RGB LED strips, 2 programmable circlres
Material – unbreakable polycarbonate and silicone tube

Be ready for a unique show with your A1 Devil Stick:
Choose the right music – to leave a good impression is a matter of art and feeling
Compile a light show – our program enables adding chosen colours to the music of a hundredth of   a second precision. A range of 16 000 000 colours will fascinate you as well!
Record prepared program to your Devil Stick – your show is inserted directly into the stick. Just start the show by pressing a button on the remote control.
Practice your performance – Nobody was born as a hero. Training is what makes a hero.
Shine at the stage!

RGB Devilstick

The packing includes:
1 x A1 Devil Stick
2 x rechargeable lithium battery
1 x charger
1 x remote control
1 x USB cable
Software with timeline

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