A1 Juggling Staff

  • Price: 180 € approx. $211.32

Producer: AratronTechnologies

The A1 Juggling Staff – Spread your wings and fly. Imagine juggling in 16 000 000 colours. Precise synchronization with music beforehand. Music timeline for preparing performances. Group performance with A1 products. All necessary accesories included in the packing.

Enjoy juggling with the programmable staff
The Juggling Staff of A1 series is able to be precisely synchronized with music in 3 easy steps:
1. Record the music into our program
2. Add chosen colours
3. Move the program into the staff

Let the competition look like a circus
Your juggling has never looked more effective. Your new staff contains 3 highly powerful strips and 2 separately controllable light fields. Those are the guaranty of the best light show.
The whole program is under your control – you create it beforehand. You can prepare one extra program as well. The audience have appreciated your performance and they would like see much more? No problem with A1 Juggling Staff!

A1 Juggling staff switch

There is no better light show than this
Are you a team looking for equipment which is able to cooperate precisely to the hundredth of a second?
You have just found it – the products of A1 series made by Aratron Technologies
- Limitless number of synchronized equipment
- Activated by using one remote control only
- Professional performance with professional equipment

A1 Juggling Staff long

Prepare the most shining juggling show

1. Be careful with music compilation – The music gives additional dimension to your performance. Make use of it!
2. Perfect synchronization needs some time – In our program by using a timeline you are able to easily add the colours to the music you chose. How many colours are available? Incredible 16 000 000 colours!
3. Save the performance into the staff – Your performance doesn´t depend on anybody in the audience who presses the colour buttons. Everything is in your hands.
4. Practice your skills – Juggling is a mastery which needs training. Confidence comes with time.
5. Charm with your show!


Technical parameters
Size 80, 90, 100
Battery endurance – 6 hours
LED strips – 3 powerful RGB LED strips, 2 independently programmable fields
80 cm – 0,419 kg
90 cm - 0,452 kg
100cm - 0,486 kg
Material – unbreakable polycarbonate

The packing includes:
1 x LED staff of A1 series
2 x rechargeable lithium battery
1 x charger
1 x remote control
1 x USB cable
Software with timeline
Instructional video


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