A1 Pyro Poi

  • Price: 315 € approx. $372.36

A1 Pyro Poi – Synchronous initiate of the pyro effect at once in all the performersYour show dressed up in 16 000 000 coloursUnique timeline – make ready your performance beforehandTriple degree of securityCompatibility of all the A1 Series productsAll accessories included in the packaging

A1 Pyro Poi – dond´t be limited by motion

This RGB LED and pyro equipment is devoted to all lovers of technically demanding spinnig and sparks. Small size is an advantage for practising demanding tricks.
Since this momont you are not limited in moving and the A1 Pyro Poi will start by themself at the time chosen by yourself in advance while you are moving. You dont have to start the pyro effect by your hand. The question is: "Are you going to use her potential fully?"


A1 Pyro poi

Do you want to start the pyro effect as a group at millisecond precise? With A1 Series – no problem!

All the products of the A1 Series cooperate
- Chose any equipment
- Number of performers in a group is not limited
- All of the equipment can be started by a single remote control

A1 programovatelne  pyro poi

Prepare your professional show with A1 Pyro Poi

1. Record music – choose the best music very carefully. It is one of the main elements when creating your performance
2. Dress the music into colours – Our simple program allows you to add different colour combinations to particular parts of the music and set the pyro effect to the music as well
3. Record your show into the poi – our poi allows you to upload prepared program directly into your equipment. So it is not necessary to have an assistant in the audience or have a fear of incorrect timing of colours and effects.
4. Practice and again, practice – so that you will be easy on the stage. Masters are made by training.
5. Show what you are able to do!

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