Graphic poi Razor

  • Price: 750 € approx. $886.58

Producer: AratronTechnologies

• Unbeaten resolution – 4k in your show as well • HDR – contrast and displaying so realistic as never before • Unique LED diodes – developed exclusive for Razor Series • SSS – inteligent synchronisation for a group show

permanently for
Graphic Razor 160 - 1290 USD ( 1168 Euro)
Graphic Razor 240 – 1890 USD ( 1712 Euro)

Thanks to the huge sale we have reached dream costs.
The professional equipment is now available for you.
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Graphic Poi razor Logo

Primacy and a unique of the Razor Series – 4k resolution and 4000 pixels per second !!

4K resolution


As a first and only over the world we are presenting 4k resolution in our poi/staffs. Thnanks to that, a picture is displayed as in a detail as never before. No more compromises when choosing a graphic for your show. The most quality pictures and perfect definition.

The fastest rendering in a market of graphic POI/STAFF

Fast rendering

Because the quality of the pictures and their rendering are very important for prformance. The result effect is fascinating. What is the most achievable speed of ourRazor? The Razor System works with displaying 4000 pixels per second. That is unbeatable speed.

HDR – uncredible contrast, realistic colours and unbeatable pictures' sharpness

HDR colors


 HighDynamic Range dispose by wider lighting range then the outdated standard dynamic range SDR. Only high resiloution is not enougt at all. For a maximum experience of the image you need to achieve high contrast proportion between light and dark points of the picture. And its very easy for HDR technology.

How to reach so high definition within so small space? We developed our own mini LED diodes.

Do you think "wow, a device what offers so high parameters must be extremely big"? But the oposite is truth. Active area, including so reach parameters, is huddled to average 15 - 45 cm and total stick length is only 27 - 60 cm.
How were we able to get stuck to so small measurements?
We have developed our own LED diodes. They are really mini. Their size is only 1,8 mm. Unique feature miniature 0,3 mm. In addition high brightness allow a high shine of HDR colours.

The memory, what you will never fill up by the pictures

Improved system and larger memerory is designed that you never reach the limit with your graphics for your show. You are able to use up to 10000 pictures for one program. You can use it as a standard USB memory card and save some other dates. Some music, videos, pictures or whatever you need.

Even 8 programs for your better flexibility

8 programs

Your experience increase and numbers of your shows as well. Have you ever stood in front of the audience and thought about that? "I should have the second program." No problem with Razor. It allows you save even 8 programs for your performance. By easy manipulation choose what you just need and start to spin. 8 is just two times 4.

More simple and better software

We have made a superior software for producing of a winning performances. All the effects and sequences set on by simplified editor. Don't loose your time with complicated settings. Better is to take an advantage to use your own creativity. Easy picture recording, different filters and more news are it's part since now.
Adaptable to your needs.
We haven't think just about the jugglers. Followers of the light painting will also find themselves.
Even creating the program is an experience.

Much more staying power

battery Graphgic poi

The capacity of the battery is larger for all Razor products. No 1000, neither 2000, but up to 3500 mAh. To rely on your poi/staff much more. Faster recharging gets your device to 100 % form within 3 hours. Because an energy in your spectacle is a base.

SSS, a tool for thorough choreography.

We exploit an inteligent synchronisation SSS – Smart Synchronization System
What is that?
One main poi/staff send one signal and starts all the programs in all the other devices at once. It's up to you what poi/staff starts your performance. If one of the poi/staff has a power cut, don't worry of failed performance. The poi/staff doesn't start the program from beginning. Instead of that synchronize with others in a moment and continue the program. SSS solves all instead of you. Signal range is up to 200 meters, what is much enough for any numbers of performers.


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